As composers we are architects of sound. We must design sound that has shape, line and colour… For me, music has always been incredibly visual.


The epic debut release from composer Mark J. Bishop



The Earth is 4.54 billion years old and its face is forever changing. The mountains, oceans, deserts and jungles are not as they once were, nor will they be in the future as they are today. The music of “Continents” is named for these past and future lands, where a voyage of cinematic proportions awaits.

“Continents” is an emotional, sweeping tale of adventure, darkness and hope. The music achieves its sound by utilising live instrumentation, samples and electronics, and is the culmination of countless hours of composition, performance, research and experimentation.

“Continents” is available through multiple online distributors for private use. For information on commercial use, including licensing, please get in touch.


I am a contemporary composer and music producer. The music I create is primarily orchestral-electronic and cinematic in calibre — a blend of styles derived from my solid academic background and learn-by-doing approach.

Born in Manchester, England, my earliest musical memories are of Genesis, Paul Simon and Sting. Their songs emanating from our living room and washing over the household in all their brilliance.

Then there was music for film. I was very young, yet I still remember precisely how the soundtracks for Jurassic Park, Star Wars and countless other films moved me. The stirring, rising sense of emotion; their ability to instantly place you within the realm of the story they were telling. But film music seemed just too ethereal, and I would have to be content admiring it from afar.

It was the vast line that defined the forever escaping horizon…

The sounds of my childhood would come to have a profound affect on me, both for their musicianship and craftsmanship. These were musicians displaying a keen intellect through their art.

My creative years started when I was a young teenager with voice and guitar. I began writing my own songs early on and performed at various venues around London and the south of England.

I continued my endevour during my years of study at Brunel University, where I gained a First Class Honours BA in Music.

Music that conjured ideas greater than the world we live in, that could be timeless as well as cutting-edge, was calling out to me… it was the ultimate form of escapism.


Yet my musical ambitions yearned for adventure. And suddenly the escaping horizon was a colossal landscape come into focus.

Music that conjured ideas greater than the world we live in, that could be timeless as well as cutting-edge, was calling out to me. Hence, my interest in film and cinematic style music enhanced; it was the ultimate form of escapism.

My instrument soon became the studio rather than the six-string. And through exploring musical concepts both classical and contemporary I have arrived at the sonic landscape you hear in my music today. Albeit, who knows it which direction it might go next.

I am currently based out of Vancouver, Canada, where I work from my home studio. I have composed for several projects whilst crafting music for commercial and public release.


For information on licensing, commissions or any other queries please get in touch.